the story behind ISU

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Center for Management Studies of Iran in association with US-based Harvard University

 The main campus encompassing an area of 9 hectares was purchased by Manouchehr Eghbal (the then prime minister of the Pahlavi regime between 39-36 and the CEO of National Oil Company) in the 50s Solar Hegira (the 1970s) from National Oil Company revenues to establish a center for management studies of Iran in association with Harvard University. The construction of the center by Nader Ardalan began in 1970.

In October 1972, the Center for Management Studies of Iran affiliated with Harvard Business School was inaugurated by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. This center solely offered courses for the duration of one or two years aiming at top level managers. The Board of Trustees was chaired by Shah’s sibling Golam Reza Pahlavi, and some other figures such as Manouchehr Iqbal and Habibollah Lajevardi who basically had close relationship with Shah were members of the Center’s Board of Trustees led by American nationals such as Edward Robert Lournash (1975-1974) and Louis Baeengton Barnez (1975-1977) and James Baffman until the Islamic Revolution.
By the victory of the Islamic Revolution, most American professors had left this Center while it kept on operation in collaboration with then Prime Minister Bazargan and Dr. Ali Shariatmadari, the former Minister of Science and other Iranian professors (with presidency of some individuals including Kasra Ferdows and Abdoallah Zandie). Nevertheless, the Center ended up in a closedown due to some internal conflicts and incompetency. Individuals such as martyr Mohammad Javad Tondgoyan (former Oil Minister of Martyr Rajaee’s administration) and Behrooz Booshehri (his deputy) are among the alumni of the Center graduated before the Islamic Revolution.


By victory of Islamic revolution most of American professors leave this center and then the center continue on (keep up) by collaboration and coordination of engeeneir bazargan former prime minister and doctor ali shariatmadary the former minister of science and other Iranian professors that don’t leave (with presidency of some individual like kasra ferdos and abdoallah zandie). But the center ends up with shutting down because of some internal conflicts and some incompetency.

Individuals such as martyr mohammad javad tondgoyan (oil minister of martyr rajaee government) and engineer behroz boshehri (his deputy and released captive) was alumni(graduated) of the center before revolution.

After Islamic revolution with imam Khomeini permission and with verdict(decree) of ayatollah mohammadi gilani (chief of revoutionary courts and religious ruler) this campus according to (base on) former status was granted to imam sadigh peace be upon him university.

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