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SUMMARY MEETING REPORT (Islamic Capital Market; June 17, 2019)


Executive summary (meeting held on June 17, 2019)   

 Knowledge Management Students in partnership with Office for Academic and International Cooperation and the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran held a meeting on Tuesday, June 17, at VIP hall of Public Relations Department focusing on Islamic Capital Market (ICM)
Special guests included:

  • Associate Professor Mohammad Azman Noor, International Islamic University, Malaysia
  • Professor Nasim Shah Shirazi, Islamic Finance, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar
  • Irwan Abdalloh, Head of Islamic Capital Division, Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • Assistant Professor Amin Mohseni Cheraghlou, American University, the US
This meeting was twofold. The first part was a friendly meeting between professors of the faculty and special guests. Initially, Dr.Tohidi welcomed the guests and introduced himself and his colleagues, Dr. Hassan-Zadeh and Dr.Qavam. Then Dr. Qavam explained the approach of teaching Islamic Banking at ISU and an independent search project on Iranian banks by undergraduate students. After that, the guests started to introduce themselves and later talked about their careers. Also, they had a small discussion on some topics such as lack of research works on ICM and its importance. This friendly meeting lasted for about 30 minutes.

The meeting officially started by a recitation of selected verses from the Holy Quran. Then, guests gave their speeches. FirstDr.Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou made his speech. He emphasized that there is too much focus on theories and fundamentals, but there should be a balance between this and practice. He mentioned that the students should think about the issues in society and try to come up with solutions. If they do not use this method, their knowledge will damage instead of helping them. Then, a student asked him about opportunities for studying abroadDr.Mohseni strongly recommended that he completes his Islamic studies in Iran as the country provides a solid basis for Islamic studies. Also, he mentioned that some problems are universal existing in all universities.
Then, Mr. Mohammad Azman-Noor had his speech on ICM and how Islamic universities should act in this field. He emphasized that professors should bring students to work and give them enough knowledge and confidence to solve the problems. Then, he mentioned that ICM and its tools could be different in different countries.
ThenDr.Nasim Shah Shirazi made a presentation on Microfinance and its clusters like price, product, regulation, clients, etc. First, he mentioned the problems and issues in each part and then, tried to propose some solutions for them. After that, one of the students asked him about financing universities in other countriesDr.Shirazi’s answered that universities usually have been financed by governments and tuition fees received from students. He also mentioned Waqf  (endowment) as an important way of financing universities.
Next, it was Dr.Irwan Abdalloh’s turn to give his speech. He talked about ICM and lack of innovation in it. He mentioned we should think in a simple way about innovations and focus on them. He also explained that innovations in different countries can be different from each other and each Islamic country may need its own tools and innovations in Islamic Capital Market.

Following the speeches made by the keynote speakers, there was a Q&A session with students where they shared their comments. Finally, a five-minute video clip about Imam Sadiq University was played for the audience.
Before the meeting was adjourned, the faculty members presented gifts and mementos to the guests and appreciated them for their valuable presence.


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