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ISU main library is a reservoir of publications relevant to general and specific studies of the students. With thousands of volumes on about 25000 titles and subjects , the library is open daily for 12 hours – from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m. The computer system available makes a quick access to the required books possible. An archive center and a collection of 18000 tapes function as annexes to the central library.

Library and Information Center
Library and Information Center opening was concurrent with ISU's start of activity in 1982 with an aim to support educational, research and cultural endeavors, providing various needs of both the faculty and students.The building encompasses an area of 2600 square meters in three levels.
The center’s main parts are the management, database supply, database codification, information dissemination, computer, audio-visual, and public service (store, reference, archive, book binding, cassette and CD archive, study hall).

1- Information dissemination:
The main goal of this section is to collect and disseminate information especially related to the existing disciplines and educational and research requirements for the users, and establish direct links with other databases both online and offline. Presently, 430 titles of the most important databases are available offline. This is in addition to seven online databases, namely Jstor, ProQuest dissertations, Proquest 5000, Ebsco and Emerald. The guide to accessing these databases is available in the office.
Users have access to 42 computers, email services, FTP, electronic reference service, print, individual space for saving files, and dial-up service for faculty, M.A. and PH.D. students who are doing their dissertations.

2- Computer section:
The assigned duties include backing up and maintaining on-campus software and hardware and computer installations, systemic software training, designing and maintaining the campus website (www.isu.ac.ir). The hardware provided and maintained include 430 computers linked to a network, wireless service, internet telephone through two E1 lines (60 channels) with a speed of 5mbps.


3- Audio- visual section:
The duties encompass upgrading education quality and encouraging more research-oriented education by producing necessary software, maintaining audio-visual equipment, preparing and offering the required audio-visual material, setting up audio-visual archive besides connecting to similar off-campus centers with the purpose of data and resource exchange. There is also an equipped media workshop for recording sound and image and editing.

4- Public service:
Storage: The open-stack subscribing service lends books through Simorq software with 8 computers in place. Subscribers may use guiding service for searching the required material.

Audio-visual archive: It stores CDs of different types including lessons recorded in class and lectures.

Study hall: All students can use the study hall from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. even for their private study. During exams the service is round the clock.

5- Reference section:
This section has an ample store of reference materials supplied to meet the needs of the faculty and students. It gathers encyclopedia, dictionaries, manuscripts, statistical data and book abstracts in Persian and Latin. It also stores dissertations, course handouts and booklets, reports and maps. It is an open-stack service. Photocopying and duplicating material is not possible and they are only used in place.

6- Publications:
Periodicals and journals make the richest part of this section. Users can select their intended material, read it in place and have copies from the articles. The full electronic texts are also available.

Online databases:

EBSCO: Full texts of more than 3750 international journals in humanities and social sciences

ONLINE DIGITAL LIBRARY: The bulkiest digital library on the web with more than 400000 titles in humanities and social sciences.

EMERALD: Full texts of more than 120 international journals in management and business.

PROQUEST DISSERTATION: Bibliographies and abstracts of more than 2000000 dissertations from 1000 international universities (mostly North American) at M.A. and PH.D. levels.

JSTOR Economic database consisting of 47 international scientific and research journals from 1903 onwards.

NoorMagz stores thousands of magazines old and new, a precious supply for researchers. Besides magazines in full text and image, it has other possibilities such as browsing, leaving comments, selecting and managing articles as well as obtaining information about authors.

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