Islamic Studies and Law

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Judicial Logic of Islamic Law& Civil Low 

 Law and Economics

Transfer of Ownerships in the Sale

Charter of  Islamic Human Rights Challenge & Mechanisms 

Endowment Immaterial Property Right  

Understanding the Essence of thought of Ayatollah Khamenei in Justice Arena

Truth and Language

On Social Pathology


The Review of  Judicial System of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Law of Media s Property

Audience Right

Unfair Competition Law

Position Of Justice in Derivation of the Regulation of Islamic Transaction 

Law and Economics in Islam

Analysis of Behaviour of Voting in Iran

Different Dimension of Islamophobia

Principle of Deduction  of Legal Regulation 

The Factors of Deterrence of Criminal Responsibility 

Parental and Legal Gurdiandian Offensive against children 

Basic Jurisprudence

Issue of the Veil in the I.R, Iran

The Theory of The Unitary of the Political and Press Offensive 

The Duties of the Agent

Encyclopedia of Public Law

Humantrian Intervention and International Law

Criminal Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Using  Satelite Equipment 

the Couples s Sexual Relation 

Ownership, Justice & Growth

Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Approaches to Islamic Law

Youth Right in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Employment Justice 

The Right fo Vote

The Relation Between Cultural Values and Public Law

The Transfer of Ownership in the Sale

Juridical of Logic of Islamic Law & Civil Law

Sublectologi of the Time Element in the Jurisprudence of Transaction 

Charter of Islamic Human Rights Challenge & Mechanism

Law and Economics 


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