Islamic Studies and Political Science

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 The Anatomy of the Islamic Republic of Iran s Foreign Policy

slam & International Relation

Justice and Politics

Studies on the Middle East

Morality & Politics

Soft Power & Soft Security 

:::::::union::::::: Catalog of Islamic Thinkers 

Islamic Revolution of Iran

Islamism in the International

Studies on the Middle East

Soft Power and Asymmetric of Warfare

Shie Political Discours in Contemporary Iran

Soft power Special Capital

Expediency & Politics

The Shiis of Saudi Arabia

Ethnic Diversity in the Islamic Republic of Iran 

Politic, Religion & Cultuer

Interview Methods for Political Research

American Management of its Influence in New Iraq

Soft Power & Colour Revolution 

Soft Power & Culture & Security 

Legal Aspects of the Zionist Regime Against Ghazza

Government in Islam


New Development in the Public Policy Making

Interview Methods for Political Research

Basics and Generalities Fitnah

Beyond Enlightenment

Postcolonialism and World Order 

Scientitific Inference in Social Research

Rereading of Interpretation School in Social Sciences

 the Anatomy of the Islamic Republic of Iran s Foreign Policy

Transcendental Sociology 

Studies on the Middle East

Soft Power & Asymmetric War

Studies on the Middle East

Religion and Peaceful Coexistence  

Soft Power & Social Capital 

The Islamic Republic of Iran

Principle of Traditional Linguistic in the Islamic World

The Documents of Arab Spring and Islamic Awakening 

Islamic Awakening
 Cause . Problems and Prospects


Islamic Awakening 
Philosophical Foundation and Islamic Pragmatism

Islamic Awakening 
Iranian & Western Considerations

Islamic Awakening 
and Regional Development 

Political Sociology of Islamic Awakening 


Discourse on Islamic Awakening 


Theorotical Foundation of Islamic Awakening 

West Psychological Warfare against Islamic Republic of Iran


Istisna a Security

Genealogy of the Term of Fitnah 

the Analysis of U.S Psychological Operation Against Islamic Republic of Iran

Challenges of Wahabism

World s Program in Fighting Corruption

Traditional Media in Political and Social Revolutions

Modern Political Islam in Turkey 

Political Sociology in Social Disorders
in Islamic Republic of Iran

Public Diplomacy of Unites State in the Middle East

Political Science Reaearch 

Islamism in the West following Sep 11th

Soft Power of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Issue of the Veil in the West

Soft Power of the Islamic Republic of Iran
(Palestine Case Study)


Jewish Fundamentalism and Israel s Political Structure

Preemptive Defense 

Social Capital in Nahj Al-Balagha

Position of the Link Between Human Capital and Social Capital 
in Islamic Economic System 

Secularism a Critical Approach 

Islamic Awakening and Political Economy of Oil in the Middle East

A Critique of Political Reason 

Capacities before Muslim World in Cyberspace

The collapse of Arab Regimes s Step toward the New Islamic World Oeder 

Soft Revolution 

the Foundation of Spatio-temporal Requirement in Derivation of Islamic Laws

Postcolonial Studies 

The  Theory of Protection of the Islamic Government in Imam Khomeini s Thought and Practice

Imam Khomeini and the Issue of Protecting the Islamic Government

Jewish Lobby and Offensive Realism

the Achievements of the Islamic Revolution in Iran

44 Practical Point for Research and Writhing Refereed Articles

Political Conceptology in the Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Cultural Life & Political Thoughts of Shia

Religion and Peaceful Coexistence 

Challenges of the Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran 
and the European ::union::