Islamic Studies and Theology

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A Survey of Sunni Hadith Collections VOL 1

 A Survey of Sunni Hadith Collections VOL 2

Confirmability of Theological Proposition


Applied Arabic Syntax


Philosophical Traces in Ancient Iranian Heritage

An Introduction to Shitta Hadith

Criteria for Selection Quranic Reading: Classification and Promotion 

The Earliest Shia Idea s on Hadith

Commentary fo Ibne Sina s Al-Esharat Wa-L-Tanbiat


The Difference of Quranic Reading 


Analysis of the Concept of Terror in Quran


Intelectualistic Fedeism in Fakhr Razi Thought  

Red Melodies

New Approaches to the Shiite Hadith Studies

Fitna in Islamic Discourse Ankytical Study Fitna
in Shiite and Sunni Discourses

Ikhwan  Al-Safa Khollan Al Wafa 


Issue of Islamic Philosophy and Mulla Sadra s Innovation 


Figh Al-Hadith 

Rajat in Wisdom System 

Structure of Ethical Proposition in the Holy Quran


Excursion in Divinity 

Reflection of Imam Khomeini s Political Thought 


Guidance Manifestations in the Story of Hadrat Musa in Sura Al-Keisas


Principles of the Discipline Jurisprudence 


Accidents and Concomitants in Avicena s Philosophy

Iqbal s Reconstruction of Ijtihad

Faith and Rational Cognition Based on Muslim Scholars

Global Perspective of Shiite Thought 


Network Incorporations of  Holy Quran Suras


History of Interpretation of the Holy Quran


Jurisprudence Analysis on Acting


Translatology of the Holy Quran theoretical and Applied Approaches


Context-Oriented Recitation

Surveys of Transcendental Wisdom


Meaning of Beauty in the Holy Quran


Spending to the Poor in the Holy Quran


Economic Thought in Holy Quran VOL 1


Principles of Disaster Management in the Holy Quran


The Reference of Pronoum in Quran and its Role in Terpretation of  Quran


A Semantic Study of Religion in the Holy Quran


Requirements and Principles of Islamic Economics in The Holy Quran

Ethics in Nahj-Albalagha 

Research Method

General Research Method 

Methodology of History

Traditional Practice of Arabs 


Imam Ali s Cultural and Communicative Sirah during His Rule Seeking a Policymaking and Planning Model 


Imam Ali s Cultural and Communicative Sirah during His Rule


Physics the Explanation of Section one of Al-Esharat Wa I-tanbihat by Ibn-Sina

An Analysis of Prophet Ibrahim s Mission in the Holy Quran

An Investigation into Supplications of Imam Riza

A Glimpse at Life of Imam Sadiq

Foundations and Method of Scholarly Thought of Imam Sadiq  

Misleading Book

The dignity of Human Being in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law

Institutionalism and Austrian School 

A Commentary on Sha-baniyyah Intimate Supplication 

Wal Asr

Ontological Guardianship System in Holy Quran

The Methodology of Quranic Sciences

Theological Foundations of the Twelever Shia: 
Principles of Jurisprudence Shaykh Mufid s Jurisprudential School

Oaths in Nahj Al-balagha


Quranic Studies and Hadith 


Understanding and Interpretation of Hadith 

Discourse on Religion Knowledge 

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