Campus Life
From the moment our freshmen walk into ISU until they graduate they are surrounded by people dedicated to making ISU “home.” Our students make friends in their classes, in the dining halls, on the intramural fields and through student activities.ISU’s housing combines vibrant intellectual engagement and rich cultural and social experience with a welcoming, inclusive community life. Our Houses and freshman dormitories bring together people from all over the country. Your roommate could be someone from all over Iran. More than living spaces, campus residences are learning communities. Faculty and graduate students guide you through your curriculum, deans provide academic and personal advice, and tutors offer pre-professional advising and academic support. Making friends is easy over meals shared in our elegant but convivial dining halls. Organized activities within your freshman entryway and upper-class House—including intramural sports, informal study breaks, and social gatherings—continually broaden your circle of friendship and connection. 
Student activities
Your education goes well beyond your coursework. Extracurricular activities can form a vital part of your experience here at ISU, creating unique opportunities for friendship and learning.
Campus Facilities
We invest heavily in our facilities and learning resources, ensuring that our staff and students have access to everything they need on their path to success in their work and studies.
The architecture of university
Its  architecture is unique and mixed, inspired by historical schools and gardens that provide serenity aligned with students ‘scientific needs. 
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Islamic University
We have a far more challenging mission than most universities. Most universities simply strive to be excellent by observing the accepted standards.
Community and Neighborhood
 the area around the ISU is a safe and family-friendly neighborhood with access to malls and department stores just a few minutes from the university.