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Imam Sadiq University made up of graduate schools, academic bodies, research centers and affiliated institutions tries to develop Islamic studies and theology for university students with the aim of creating Islamic social scientists all around the world. This will be achieved through a commitment to the transformative power of Islamic studies and social sciences.

Islamic University as an institution aims to produce and advance knowledge based on the Islamic doctrine and the traditions of the Holy Prophet and his Household, and train scholars having deep faith in Islam across varied fields of social sciences.
 ISU produces, develops and enhances human/social sciences through disseminating expert-oriented Islamic knowledge in the required fields of science with the following output:

1) Creating a fundamental development in higher education curricula and Islamic society management.
2) Standing out as a scientific body in the world, profoundly inspiring other universities.

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Mission Mission

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The mission of Imam Sadiq University is to train and educate students in the fields of conventional and Islamic social sciences for Islamic societies across the world. To this end, ISU is committed to the transformative power of Quran and Islamic schools of thought based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and twelve Infallible Imams (Shia school). ISU trains scholars who have combined knowledge and faith and committed to the Islamic Revolution, based on specialized Islamic studies in the required disciplines so that an ISU graduate
1) becomes one of the seminal intellectuals in society
2) initiates profound changes in the administration of society by holding the highest positions in the targeted occupations

Beginning in the classroom with exposure to new ideas, new ways of understanding, and new ways of knowing, students embark on a journey of intellectual transformation.  Through a diverse living environment, students interact with people from different walks of life who study different majors with dynamic identities. This would lead to deepening intellectual transformation and setting the optimal conditions for social transformation.  Considering this viewpoint, we hope that students begin to manage their life through gaining a sense of what they want to do with their talent and capabilities, putting their values and interests into the greater perspective in terms of how they can best serve the world.

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Vision Vision

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Since the very beginning, Imam Sadiq University has strived to set the standard for Islamic social sciences. We are committed to creating and sustaining an environment for all students at Imam Sadiq University in which they experience an incomparable education journey, offering a modern instance of Islamic universities with a focus on
1) essential development in the country's higher education system aided by Islamic seminaries.
2) being recognized among other institutions of its kind as a model for Islamic universities.


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Scholarly Authority Scholarly Authority

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“Scholarly authority” is a term used for the first time by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution about Imam Sadiq University in a meeting with students, faculty members, staff and management of ISU in 2005. He noted, "You should create a movement in science, you should create a movement in the world's higher education and bring forward developments that benefit the scientific foundation of the country. It is your top mission. You should train our Muslim scientists to gain expertise and master opinions and ideas existing around the world only to spread the most noteworthy of the bulk. You are not bound to set your goal around gaining high rankings among local universities in Tehran or other cities, but you should turn into a leading scientific body among the world's research centers and universities.
Nowadays even in this ill-advised western world, many people seek the truth. A great number of scientists and researchers also try to find the right path of logic.

When a person seeks the truth in scientific issues from any part of the world such as Europe, Asia and American countries, he/she should be able to find his/her scientific work featured on websites (you should already provide him/her with your own scientific work). In so doing, you show your own innovative thoughts and ideas. This is what we expect from Imam Sadiq University. ISU's Alumni should have this mentality and viewpoint."

Source: Official website of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution

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