Reflections from The First China Studies Summer School in Iran

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Building Bridges for Understanding: Reflections from The First China Studies Summer School in Iran

Imam Sadiq University (ISU) and the Iran-China Think Tank for Strategic Studies (ICTSS) successfully conducted the first edition of Summer School on China Studies in Iran. This academic and cultural endeavor spanned from July 21st to July 27th in virtual format and was designed to comprehensively address the existing academic deficiencies within the realm of China Studies.


A total of 478 individuals, comprising students, researchers, professors, businessmen, employees, marketers, and more, enthusiastically participated in this paid program. These participants hailed from various provinces and even other countries.
The summer school featured an extensive array of subjects, spanning international relations, economics, politics, governance, and culture, encompassing 17 diverse topics. Eminent lecturers representing governmental, academic, and private institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Parliament Research Center, Imam Sadiq University, University of Tehran, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai Institute for Strategic Studies (SISS), Fudan University, private business centers, think tanks, Iranian missionaries, Iranian students studying in China, and others, contributed their expertise to this event.


In the course evaluations, participants provided overwhelmingly positive feedback for each session and the final assessment of the course. The overall evaluation results revealed an impressive 87% satisfaction rate among the participants. The standout features, as perceived by the participants, included the course's extensive coverage of a wide range of topics and the exceptional quality of the lectures.


The contents of the course were as follows:
The emergence of China in the field of international relations
The East in the Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
The Iranian nuclear program and China-Iran relations
Political Governance in China
China's role in the new regional order in West Asia: Regional normalization and its security consequences
China's perspective on security in the international order during the transition and Iran's perception of it
China's energy diplomacy in the Middle East
Public diplomacy between Iran and China
Iran’s corridors in the Belt and Road Initiative
Civilizational considerations in economic relations between Iran and China
State, market, and society in China
Islam and China
Evaluation of China's efforts to conduct financial transactions outside the dollar cycle: A case study of CIPS
The impact of China's economic growth model on the decline of the USA
Marketing and understanding Chinese consumers’ behaviors
Iranian students’ experiences of living in China

  • Dr. Hussain Ghaheri, The CEO Of Iran-China Think Tank for Strategic Studies
  • Dr. Rasoul Mousavi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Director General of South Asia in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Dr. Ruhul-Amin Saeidi, Imam Sadiq University, Faculty of Political Science and Islamic studies, and The Head OF China Study Group
  • Dr. Jin Liangxiang, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for West Asian and African Studies and Associate Professor in Shanghai Institute for International Strategic (SIIS)
  • Dr. Ali Biniaz, Iran's Former Economic Adviser in China
  • Dr. Ali Mohammad Sabeghi, Iran's Former Cultural Adviser in China
  • Dr. Abulfazl Bazargan, International Security Researcher
  • Dr. Mehdi Khorsand, The Head of Economic Diplomacy Department of Tehran Municipality    
  • Dr. Ehsan Foroozandeh, University Lecturer and CEO of Funds China Holding
  • Dr. Sajjad Talebi, Graduated from Fudan University, Senior Researcher in China Studies  
  • Dr. Mehrdad Alipour, Senior Researcher in China Studies       
  • Farshad Adel, Senior Researcher of Corridor Studies at ICTSS           
  • Meysam Baharloo, PhD Candidate at ISU and co-author of Corporate Governance in China        
  • Mustafa Aghaei, Missionary and Seminary Lecturer in China
  • Amir Mohammad Esmaili, PhD Candidate at Shanghai International Studies University, China 

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International Activities

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Imam Sadiq University seeks to be in the world, and to bring the world to Imam Sadiq University, because inquiry and scholarly exchange are enriched by the pursuit of cultural fluency

ISU has as its mission the promotion of research activities and organizing and strengthening its interaction with other academic centers. Putting emphasis on the international activities, ISU strives to share its academic experiences with other universities and implement the outcome of their experience.
ISU believes such an interaction, especially in the humanity field of study, leads to more effective cooperation. The establishment, development, and assessment of the international interactions are encouraged and carried out by the General Office for Public and International Relations- supervised by the university president- and by the Office for Academic and International Cooperation under the research Vice-President. Nowadays, ISU is considered a main source of interdisciplinary courses for incorporating the Islamic studies into the humanities.
ISU continuously hosts the visitors from other academic centers. So far, many researchers from different continents (just in 2010, 800 international visitors) have visited the campus. ISU has a great deal of research capabilities and a multitude of research contracts are signed every year between ISU and other academic centers.
Memorandum of Underestanding

The signing of MoU with international universities and academic institutions is very important for promoting the international academic cooperation of the university. This will stabilize the international cooperation on a permanent and regular basis and if a change of management happens, it will not lead to any major change in international practices of ISU.
It is obvious that inking a cooperative agreement with international universities lies in common academic interests and proximity of activities, facilities and capacities.
By signing a memorandum, ISU is more likely to come in close and constant contact with leading universities all over the world and the university, in turn, gains immediate academic benefits.
List of international MoUs signed by Imam Sadiq University
University of kufa
Al-imam Al-ayzaee University
Kenaif university
Sarajevo University
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Center of Islamic Studies and Middle East
Al-Eshragh High Education Institution
Intenational Institution for Islamic Finance Education
Islamic College Of London
Khatam Al-Anbia High Education Institution
Ministry Of Information
American University Grine
Institute Of Islamic Science
Al-Zahra University
Institute Of Political Studies Toulouse
Lumas Desamura University
Faculty Research Grants for ISU
From 2013 to 2014, ISU received four applications of supporting the research opportunity and endorsed all of them. Eventually, Dr. Mohsenian-Rad and Ali-Asghar Khandan were sent to the US while Dr. Khani was sent to Hungary and Dr. Mahmoud Karimi was sent to Islamic Science and Culture Research Center in the holy city of Qom.

In the greater perspective, it can be argued that when faculty members' demands for research opportunities is on the rise, the university has done well in this case.

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