Civic Engagement

 | Post date: 2020/10/8 | 
Society is as an inseparable part of human life and student community which opens a window to new visions and views of life has an added importance. A major feature which needs to be considered by Imam Sadiq University students is the Islamic nature of their majors in humanities that can contribute to their knowledge of humans per se and as building blocks of society with its ensuing culture.

Social activities in its specifically student dimensions make students engage in their affairs with a determined purpose and correct planning intended to promote social and human accountability at both individual and social levels and raise life quality including the internal atmosphere and relations of the university, its regional and national status, and ultimately its international efficacy . 

Other advantages of student social activities are: Problem-solving skill development, deep understanding of issues, learning leadership and managementskills, brotherhood, altruism, cooperation and self-sacrifice.

The Imam Sadeq University students’ social activities can be divided into three general categories:
  • . Academic Researches based on studying the communities’ relations which have a direct impact on society.
  • . Non-profit public-benefit services.
  • . Economic and professional activities which help the social growth and prosperity.

Needless to say, the priority at ISU, as an academic center, is to teach sciences in accordance with students’ fields of study. Hence based on their academic rankings, students are granted to do extracurricular activities in their majors and minors at specific levels.

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